A Sire was a Gentleman of rank, a Nobleman of certain esteem. He was a man of authority, a Cavalier, a Knight.

It was from the 13th century on that Sire was used as a title to address someone of high regard. And as such, a Sire had the ambition to only wear what was of refined quality and unique appearance, whereat he would always find it made by the hands of the best craftsmen.

At SIRE we aim to pursue those traditions and cater to them with craftsmanship, sharp designs, and fine materials – to be worn by Noblemen and Gentlewomen.


Each single piece of SIRE eyewear is handcrafted out of natural horn in collaboration between aekae and Swisshorn.

A small manufacturing company in the midlands of Switzerland, Swisshorn has been working with the high-value material for years. It produced numerous prototypes of SIRE spectacles before the first line had been launched.

Designing the eyewear, aekae builds on the tradition of using natural horn as a working material for premium objects. The spectacles’ open part just above the nose has made for a capturing feature ever since the first pieces.

By bringing together their respective skills and impressions, aekae and Swisshorn create something truly noble and unique.

manufacturing process

























Take something rough and turn it into something smooth and elegant. This is what happens in the process of making SIRE eyewear. And it happens in numerous steps, entirely by hand.

Initially thin layers of horn are laminated to plates from which the frame of the spectacle is cut out of. In several steps the frame and its earpieces are crafted and polished. After they’ve been brought into perfect shape the separate pieces are put together.

With the use of a laser each frame then receives its individual number of reference that is unique to every single SIRE frame.

Finally, the lenses are inserted. Here the open nose part takes advantage of the material's natural flexibility. To secure the glass, a special thread is pulled through the opening at the nose.

about natural horn

SIRE spectacles are hand crafted into exquisite eyewear from water buffalo horn. This productive livestock is one of Southern Asia’s mightiest animals and can grow horns up to two meters in length. And once a water buffalo has deceased its horns can be used in creating long lasting products.

Swisshorn hand selects every single piece of horn used in manufacturing SIRE spectacles. Because it is a natural material, each piece of horn differs in color and pattern – and therefore makes every frame a one of a kind.